Xbox Live monthly subscription rate increased

Darren Allan

November 1, 2010

As we reported earlier today, Microsoft has just rolled out its update for the Xbox 360 dashboard.

The new dash has been prepared with the Kinect motion controller in mind, and comes with a fresh (slightly nippier) interface, along with a host of other tweaks such as improved sound quality for voice chat, and a better virtual Qwerty keyboard.

However, while unveiling its gleaming new dashboard, MS has also decided to increase the price of an Xbox Live gold subscription (which you need to partake of online gaming on the console).

From today, the rolling one month subscription to Xbox Live has gone up by £1 and will now cost £5.99. The good news, mind you, is that the price of a year long membership won’t change (whereas it has been put up in the States).

Microsoft has also introduced a new family membership pack, which costs £69.99 for a year and gives you up to four gold enabled profiles.


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