Microsoft now estimating 5 million Kinects before Xmas

Darren Allan

November 3, 2010

Microsoft has upped its estimation of how many Kinects the company reckons it will flog on the run up to Christmas in the States.

Previously, it had stated a figure of 3 million. A study published by IDC last week estimated that the peripheral would shift between 3 and 4 million, but Microsoft has come out and bettered that guestimate. It’s now saying 5 million will be the magic number, Bloomberg reports.

This revamped estimation is based on pre-orders, retailer demand, and levels of consumer interest. With possibly a splash of chicken entrails thrown in.

If the company does manage 5 million this year, that’ll be quite some feat. Kinect is due out in the US tomorrow, and in the UK in a week’s time. All eyes will be on those opening week sales.


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