Facebook data highlights when most relationships end

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Facebook is good for all sorts of things. Finding out what your friends had for tea last night, what movie they went to see, and of course, how their love life is going.

Or isn’t going, in the case of a study of Facebook data orchestrated by journalist David McCandless.

The Mail Online reports that McCandless sifted through some 10,000 Facebook status updates which used the phrase “break up” or similar to ascertain the time of year when relationships are most likely to grind to a halt.

And the most popular times to break up are just before the US spring break, and on the two week run up to Christmas (it saves on buying those expensive presents, of course).

If you make it to Christmas day itself, you should be fine, as that’s the lowest annual ebb of splitting up activity (come on, who would drop the bombshell then – although it would certainly liven up the Queen’s speech).

Valentine’s day also shows a small spike of unhappiness, unsurprisingly, as men around the country discover that a Terry’s Chocolate Orange isn’t a particularly romantic present.

And there’s also a spike on April Fool’s Day, which is presumably indicative of those with a rather tasteless sense of humour:
“It’s not you, it’s me…”
“But Mark-”
“Hah-hah, April Fool’s. Got you, didn’t I?”
“Erm, good one…”
“Yeah. Seriously, though, it is you, not me.”

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