ICO ready to deliver financial pain to data blunderers

Darren Allan

November 4, 2010

The Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, has announced that the ICO will finally flex its muscles and deliver financial penalties to organisations guilty of mishandling data before the end of the month.

The revelation comes as many were wondering if the ICO would ever bite using the teeth it had been given back in April, when it was awarded the power to fine up to £500,000 for serious data breaches.

Kable reports that at a security event in London yesterday, Graham said that he will be announcing the first organisations to be fined for data security cock-ups later this month.

Speaking about what sort of incident could provoke the most exacting penalty of half a million quid, the Information Commissioner referred to the case of the HM Revenue and Customs major spherical object dropping of 2007, when they lost 25 million people’s details.

We won’t have to wait long until we find out whose knuckles will be rapped by the ICO ruler.


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