Samsung Galaxy Tab to be showcased by Virgin Atlantic

Darren Allan

November 4, 2010

Samsung will need to push its new Galaxy Tab considerably in marketing terms if it’s going to compete with the Apple iPad.

Indeed, Samsung announced just this morning that it hopes to sell a million of its tablet before the end of the year. Even then that would work out at half a million per month, whereas Apple has shifted roughly double that, a million per month, since the iPad’s launch in April.

Part of Samsung’s marketing drive to get the Galaxy Tab more noticed involves a hook up with Virgin Atlantic, reports.

The slate will be shown off at Heathrow in the airline’s clubhouse lounge, with plenty of the devices scattered around for first class travellers to avail themselves of.

Passengers will be able to surf the net, watch or listen to pre-loaded films and music, and use the Tab to order food and drink. While the rest of us sit in those uncomfortable plastic chairs next to the gate, with not even a free complementary paper in sight.

Samsung also ran trials of its tablet on the London underground last month, allowing commuters to loan a unit to play with for their journey. Doubtless the company has other schemes such as these up its sleeve.


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