Samsung predicts 40m smartphone sales next year

Darren Allan

November 4, 2010

The future’s bright at Samsung, and all engines are firing on the smartphone and tablet front.

So the company reckons, with President of the Mobile division, JK Shin, guessing that the Galaxy Tab will shift at least 1 million units before the year is out. But even bigger movements are predicted on the phone side of the business.

Samsung has already issued figures for its Galaxy S smartphone, saying that it shifted around 5 million of the devices in its first four months on sale. And the company is expecting to flog 20 million smartphones this year in total.

And, rather staggeringly, double that next year. Yes, a target of 40 million handsets has been floated for 2011, so the Nikkei Business Daily reports (via Reuters).

The global Q2 smartphone sales figures from iSuppli, released last month, showed Samsung’s market share was up from 3.2% to 4.6%. HTC is ahead of Samsung on 8%, but with projections like these, it would seem Samsung’s setting its sights firmly on fourth place in the world smartphone market. (Apple is third, Rim second, and Nokia is top on almost 40%).


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