The Sinclair X-1, sequel to the ill-fated C5

Darren Allan

November 5, 2010

Back in the eighties, when Clive Sinclair invented the C5, everyone laughed at him.

And quite rightly too, because the battery powered trike was regarded as some sort of a joke dodgem at best, and a death-trap at worst (a famous comment made by the AA at the time).

But it seems that Sir Clive has been spurred on by the recent invention of the Segway, which has paved the way for silly electric vehicles to become perhaps not an acceptable form of transport, but at least a more tolerated one.

So Sir Clive has come up with a sequel to the C5, which he has dubbed the X-1. It looks just as dubious as his original road-going subject of ridicule, resembling something like a pram crossed with a bubble car. Take a look at pics courtesy of the Daily Mail here.

We’re sure babies of the 22nd Century will probably think it’s fab, but we’re far from convinced. Okay, so it does have a covered roof unlike the C5, but it looks every bit as daft, if not flimsier with those small wheels (which as the Mail points out in its article, don’t look like they’ll cope with our pot-holed roads very well).

He’d have had more success revamping the ZX Spectrum to be a super-computer instead.


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