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November 8, 2010

Alcatel OT 209 £1 mobile from Carphone Warehouse

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by Darren Allan

A mobile phone for less than a quid sounds, well, a bit silly really.

But this is indeed an offer Carphone Warehouse is now making, flogging the Alcatel OT 209 for just 99p. Although you have to take a £10 PAYG top-up with Virgin Mobile along with the handset, so technically it will set you back £10.99.

Even so, you won’t get any mobile cheaper than this. Of course, it looks like a dinosaur, and comes with the most basic feature set: An FM radio, an alarm clock, and that’s about your lot. Oh, and a fake incoming call function which, we quote, “is sure to come in useful from time to time.”

That’s if you’re not too embarrassed to use it, because it means you’ll have to get the handset out in front of people.

Still, there will doubtless be a market for what is essentially a throwaway phone, perhaps as a back up for when you go to festivals or suchlike.

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  1. Carphone Warehouse Own TalkTalk, and anyone who has had dealings with TalkTalk wouldn’t touch a Carphone Warehouse product with a barg pole.

    Comment by Henry — November 8, 2010 @ 4:53 pm

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