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November 8, 2010

Europe prepares for cyber war

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by Janet Harris

Europe has lagged behind the US in preparing for potential cyber security threats.

However, recent events such as the Stuxnet worm attacking industrial infrastructure in the real world and Distributed Denial of Service attacks taking Burma offline completely are a graphic warning that cyber threats should not be ignored.

Europe has now tested its cyber defences in a simulated attack which gradually reduced access to Internet links to critical services across the continent.

The exercise was designed to test whether European nations could co-operate in order to prevent international links closing down completely, and to identify areas where improved procedures needed to be put in place.

The simulation, called ‘Cyber Europe 2010’ was managed by the European Network Security Agency which now has the authority to assist member states with cyber security incidents.

Last month Iain Lobban of Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) said that Britain was considering plans to develop a military cyberwarfare capability, as a deterrent against cyber attacks on the UK.

Story link: Europe prepares for cyber war

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