Google doodle celebrates 115 years of X-rays

Darren Allan

November 8, 2010

X-rays were first studied by a German scientist in 1895, and that’s the subject of the latest Google doodle.

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered them by accident while experimenting with vacuum tubes. In fact, X-rays are also known as Röntgen rays in some quarters.

Google’s doodle shows the company logo as an X-ray, with various bones inside the letters, and indeed other objects such as a key, and a rubber duck. We won’t ask what the logo gets up to in its spare time…

While the doodle looks like just a straightforward drawing this time, it is actually slightly animated, as it pulses with a radioactive glow around the letters if you look carefully.

Röntgen won the first Nobel Prize in Physics, awarded in 1901. A humble man, he apparently gave the reward money to his university.


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