Anti-royalists target Queen’s Facebook page

Darren Allan

November 9, 2010

Yesterday the royal family launched its official Facebook page, to go alongside the Twitter, Flickr and YouTube accounts which have been set up by order of Her Majesty.

While only around 40,000 people had “liked” the page when we reported on it yesterday morning, in 24 hours, that number of fans has shot up to 145,000.

But not everybody who signed up to the British Monarchy page is actually a fan. Some anti-royalists have been posting abusive messages in the comments threads, which have had to be removed.

According to a report in the Telegraph, one Facebooker called the royal family “scrounging layabouts”, and another labelled the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh “inbred” and something too rude to print that began with a T.

Just reading the comments threads now, which are massive, there are users saying things like: “The queen is old news anyway we can do without the royal family.” Or: “The British Monarchy is the biggest waist (sic) of money in the uk u wanna get 170 billion pounds to save stop give some snobby inbreds tons of cash!”

We’re guessing the last one will be up for deletion shortly. As another Facebook user put it: “Blimey, bet the Royal Household didn’t anticipate so much informality!”

Did they really expect anything else… online decorum being something of an oxymoron. Although in fairness, there are plenty of positive comments too: “Notwithstanding my status as an American citizen, I have great respect both for the institution of the British Monarchy and for Queen Elizabeth herself. Welcome to Facebook, Your Majesty!”


Comments in chronological order (5 comments)

  1. James Hunt says:

    Haha, that one comment had so much bad grammar and misinformation that it makes me ashamed to be British.

    “u wanna get 170 billion pounds to save stop give some snobby inbreds tons of cash” <– seriously? I mean, what the hell, it doesn't even make sense…

  2. gill moore says:

    sour grapes get over the jealousy.

  3. Mr Milkman says:

    I think those people who post such messages should be baned from society. The British Monarchy has deep historical values and anyone who challenges them does not have the right to hold a British citizenship.

  4. Dog Charlie says:

    “baned” from society? How does one go about “baneing” one? And does it cost one a lot of money?

  5. Welsh Andy says:

    Banned from society? LOL! bring it on :D

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