Samsung Galaxy S has sold 3 million in the US

Darren Allan

November 9, 2010

Samsung is definitely enjoying the success it’s having with the critically acclaimed Galaxy S phone.

The Android powered device has already helped boost the company’s share of the global smartphone market from 3.2% to 4.6% (according to the latest iSuppli figures).

Samsung recently announced it had sold 5 million of the handsets worldwide, and now the company has revealed that it has shifted 3 million of the Galaxy S in the States alone (according to Reuters).

Indeed, it has now sold over 7 million of the handsets globally, a very tidy number. In total, Samsung is estimating it will sell 20 million smartphones this year.

And its upping the ante massively for 2011, reckoning that it will manage to push out double that number, 40 million. That would take some doing, and would quite possibly result in Samsung deposing HTC as the world’s fourth biggest smartphone supplier. Depending on what sort of year HTC has, as well…


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