Android now on a quarter of smartphones

Darren Allan

November 10, 2010

It’s no secret that Android has experienced massive success this year, propelled forward by manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and Motorola.

But the latest Gartner figures (highlighted by Ubergizmo) for the market share of operating systems on smartphones worldwide in Q3 of this year really paint the picture of a meteoric rise.

In Q3 of 2009, Google’s Android OS featured on just 3.5% of the world’s handsets. This year, it’s up to a figure of 25.5%, blowing past major competition to take second place.

Symbian is still top, although it has slipped to 36.6%, down from 44.6% this time last year. Apple has remained steady in third place with iOS, slipping from 17.1% to 16.7%.

BlackBerry has also taken a tumble like Symbian, dropping from 20.7% to 14.8%, and falling from second to fourth position in the global OS league.

Windows Mobile also performed predictably direly, dropping from 7.9% to 2.8%. Although Microsoft will of course be very much hoping Windows Phone 7 is going to reverse that decline.

And with Android only likely to pick up further pace as well, Nokia and Rim can prepare for the possibility that their operating systems will have more chunks bitten out of them.


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