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November 10, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops player reactions

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by Darren Allan

Yesterday, Call of Duty: Black Ops was launched, and we took a look at the reviews from the critics.

The game averaged 90% over 37 reviews on the Xbox, according to Metacritic, and 89% over 21 reviews on the PS3. It sneaked a better score on the PC, with 92%, although that figure is based on only 7 reviews.

So the overall consensus is a pretty solid 90% effort, but there’s another metric we can use to take the temperature of the game’s success, and that’s the user/player reactions on the review aggregator site.

A cult hit or hidden gem often only scores averagely with the press, but gets a better rating from players. And similarly, big name games which hit the nineties in the gaming press can be rated much lower by users. Guess what the case is with Black Ops…

On the PS3, it has a user score of 61%, and a slightly better 69% on the Xbox, but still way off the sort of marks the majority of the press is heaping on the game. There are quite a few 3s and 4s amongst the 10 out of 10 user ratings.

Common complaints include glitchy graphics (and poor stereoscopic 3D, a minority is finding), the engine being “dated”, the story has been called “utter nonsense”, and the game “still unbalanced as ever.”

One user put it: “Long story short: Black Ops is practically the same thing as MW2.”

In fairness, the average user score has been dragged down by some very anti-franchise gamers awarding it 0 out of 10, which the game clearly doesn’t deserve. But even if you take that into account, the average probably only rises to somewhere in the region of 70%-80%.

Despite some of the more negative feedback, Black Ops is apparently setting a blistering sales pace already. The Xbox and PS3 versions are the number one and two best selling video games on Amazon. Buyer reviews on the online retailer are also pitched at around the 3/5 mixed review mark.

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  1. utter crap! the most unbalanced call of duty to date! didnt enjoy the the single player! combat training is pointless as the AI just stands there looking at you! i like what they’ve done with the multiplayer to eliminate the cheaters & boosters but the gun balance is such a joke il never touch a treyarch call of duty again, i’ve wasted £120 without all the map packs on cods in hope that one will one day be as good as cod4! but now i can see it aint gonna happen! and why is every new cod going all american with all the over the top shit and the rock music crap! cod4 was basic, fun and easily the best call of duty there was and every will be

    Comment by Luke — November 10, 2010 @ 1:14 pm

  2. I’ve not bought and will not buy Black Ops because I know it will be as crap as Modern Warfare 2. BTW Call of duty 4 (MW1) is as crappy as all other CoD’s after CoD2. No Perks, No advantages no nothing to make even the biggest noob good. CoD2 was plain and the best CoD so far because when you were good- and I mean really good, you were really good… not like now that you can boost yourself with the most crappy perks I’ve ever seen.

    Comment by Rob — November 10, 2010 @ 6:33 pm

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