Global sales of smartphones have almost doubled

Darren Allan

November 10, 2010

The sales of smartphones have rocketed in the third quarter of this year, according to figures compiled by IDC.

IDC reckons that 81.1 million smartphones were shifted worldwide in Q3, compared to 42.8 million last year. That represents a rise of almost 90%.

A Senior Analyst at IDC told the Independent: “The market transition to smartphones is proceeding at a brisk and unabated pace.”

A range of new smartphones from the likes of Nokia, HTC, Samsung and Apple have driven demand for the devices up, as contracts for these fancier gadgets become more competitive.

The iPhone 4 alone has sold massively despite some issues such as the antennagate fiasco. Apple shifted some 14 million of the devices in its last quarter. Samsung recently reported that its Galaxy S had sold 7 million globally thus far.

IDC reckons that six times as many smartphones are now being purchased as normal or so-called dumb phones.


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