Rim PlayBook will retail for under $500

Darren Allan

November 10, 2010

Things have been fairly quiet regarding Rim’s PlayBook tablet since it was first announced back in September.

There’s not been much to report, apart from the company hitting back at Steve Jobs and his criticism of 7 inch tablets being too small to do the job properly. But now the PlayBook has been opened again, with talk of pricing.

Back in September, analysts seemed to think that Rim would take the opportunity to undercut Apple’s cheapest iPad option. In other words, that the company would pitch below $499.

Talking to Bloomberg, Rim Co-CEO Jim Balsillie revealed that the PlayBook will be “very competitively priced” at under $500. Which we’d imagine means it’ll be $499, not below that mark. But we never bought into those analyst stories about it being much less, around the $350 level some were saying, given the sort of hardware the PlayBook boasts.

That includes a dual-core 1GHz processor, a true multi-tasking operating sysem (QNX), and twin cameras amongst other goodies.

The PlayBook will be out at the start of next year in the US, but not until the second quarter of 2011 here. If the price is $500, that works out to be around £310 currently, but it’s more likely to translate into around £400 when all’s said and done.


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