Samsung Galaxy Tab sequels shown off

Darren Allan

November 10, 2010

Last week, we reported on rumours that the Samsung Galaxy Tab was to get a sequel in short order, and that it would boast a super AMOLED display.

Well, it seems that tidbit from the grapevine was spot on, as Samsung has indeed shown off the next-gen Galaxy Tab at a show in Tokyo. The 7 inch super AMOLED display has a resolution of 1200 x 600 (as opposed to the current Tab’s 1024 x 600), and is expected to be available at some point in 2011.

The other piece of kit Sammy was showing off was a bigger model, a 10 inch LCD tablet to rival the size of the iPad, and give Steve Jobs something to think about.

But with the next-gen products arriving so soon, are those who’ve forked out a substantial amount of money for the current Tab (it’s around £530 sim-free) going to be a little cheesed off? Possibly.


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  1. Andy B says:

    when the headline reads bla bla bla shown off you expect to see some pictures of what’s being shown off! otherwise all the news in this story is encapsulated by the headline - boring and uninformative

  2. Brian Turner says:

    Andy B, we’d love to show the pics, but the problem is Samsung has not released any official images, nor officially commented on its website.

    We could have nicked photos from other websites, but that just wouldn’t be cricket.

    So therefore we report on the latest information coming out from Tokyo on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, so that readers at TW can be made more aware of coming changes to the product range.

    Besides, a photo wouldn’t tell you anything about the screen type, the resolution, or similar. Hence the need for text. I’m sure most people came here because they wanted to read something anyway. :)

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