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November 10, 2010

Star Wars Kinect due next Christmas

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by Darren Allan

The launch games for Kinect are all very casual gamer oriented, including the likes of dance, sport and fitness games.

And while the future of gaming on Microsoft’s motion control system is far from clear, there are certainly a few games in the pipeline which will appeal to more traditional gamers. Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour for example, the mech blasting game which, ironically, had a custom controller bristling with buttons in the original game.

And then there’s Star Wars Kinect, which is due next Christmas, the Creative Director for Kinect, Kudo Tsunoda, revealed in an interview with the BBC.

Yes, you’ll get to be a Jedi, and wave your lightsaber around for real, as it were. Well, your imaginary lightsaber. Tsunoda says he’s seen quite a bit of the game’s development thus far, and it’s “super compelling”. We must admit, we’re super intrigued to see how it turns out.

He also mentioned that Forza 3 will come with Kinect controls (as an option alongside the traditional controller). We’re not sure how well a driving game is going to work with an imaginary steering wheel, and footage of Joy Ride – the casual racer launch title – hasn’t fully convinced us.

Definitely sign us up for some hand-chopping action in Star Wars Kinect, though. And force gestures too… flinging people around the room with a wave of your arm, lifting them up in the air and choking them. Force-tastic.

Story link: Star Wars Kinect due next Christmas

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