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November 12, 2010

Amazon drops Galaxy Tab price by £50

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by Darren Allan

Amazon has chopped the price of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab a few times now, but on the launch day at the start of this month, the company settled on £530 as an asking price.

But that didn’t last, as the online retailer has now dropped the price again, and by a substantial amount. Amazon is now offering the Tab for £480, undercutting the price of the equivalent 3G 16GB iPad (which is £530).

That sort of price tag certainly makes the Galaxy Tab look far more competitive, and is more along the lines of what we thought it would originally cost.

Unlike the iPad, the Tab comes with twin cameras and full Flash support. Of course, the iPad has its advantages too, such as a stronger battery life, and a bigger 10 inch display.

£480 is a massive drop from the very first prices touted for the tablet, which were in the region of £680.

Story link: Amazon drops Galaxy Tab price by £50

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