25% of UK surfers targeted by cold calling scams

Darren Allan

November 15, 2010

Safe surfing campaigners Get Safe Online have revealed some interesting statistics regarding online security in the UK.

According to a report on PC Pro, Get Safe Online reckons that a quarter of UK citizens have been targeted by a different kind of virus scam.

It involves cold calling from a fake anti-virus organisation who inform the user that there’s a virus on their machine. They then charge to “remove” the non-existent virus, and the software installed to do so is actually malware which steals credit card numbers and other sensitive details.

The Get Safe Online report for 2010 also revealed a number of other nuggets of net security information. The report notes that it is “encouraging to see that web users appear to be taking on board messages about PC security”, with 87% of Internet users now having up to date virus protection.

40% of folks have experienced virus attacks on their PC, and 19% have been a victim of online identity fraud. 23% have been targeted by phishing attacks. Only half of UK surfers have anti-phishing measures installed, so that’s still a considerable area of vulnerability.


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