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November 17, 2010

APB will be back as free to play MMOG

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by Darren Allan

APB was the unfortunate massively multiplayer cops and robbers game which was closed down in September, after Dundee based developer Real Time Worlds was forced into administration.

However, All Points Bulletin isn’t dead, it would seem, as an outfit called GamersFirst has bought up the rights.

Develop spoke to Bjorn Book-Larsson, the COO of the firm, and he indicated that GamersFirst is planning to overhaul the game with “several core design changes”. It will then be unleashed once again, this time as a free to play MMOG, early in 2011.

What sort of changes to the game design are they going to make? Book-Larsson told Develop: “We have to address all the balancing issues. One of the biggest problems with the game was that newcomers would be destroyed upon entering a game for the first time, and were being killed with weapons that you couldn’t get yourself until you played for another ten hours. We’re going to change all that.”

That was definitely our experience when we played the game. In terms of monetisation, GamersFirst is considering a number of models, including offering guns for lease to players, and schemes such as insurance for your best equipment.

We felt APB definitely had the makings of an interesting MMOG, so we’re glad to hear of its resurrection. We reckon it will be well worth a punt next year, particularly if GamersFirst can tackle those balance issues head-on.

Story link: APB will be back as free to play MMOG

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  1. Besides World of Warcraft, what big games are still subscription based? It seems the freemium model where you can earn free points or buy virtual goods is leaving the subscription model behind.

    Comment by Joe Wagner — November 17, 2010 @ 8:13 pm

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