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November 17, 2010

Microsoft survey shows concern over pirated software

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by Darren Allan

Microsoft has been out blowing its anti-piracy horn with a survey of 38,000 folks spread across 20 countries which tried to determine attitudes towards counterfeit software.

The results showed that 73% agreed that it wasn’t as safe to use pirated software, as it was to purchase the genuine article. Or to put it another way, 27% thought it was fine to use pirated software…

Of those who did see the danger of using dodgy applications, the major concerns were data loss and ID theft. In fact, half of the consumers polled were worried about these two spectres.

Apparently, consumers are also looking to the software industry and government to do more to help tackle the piracy problem. 65% said the government should take action, and 72% reckoned the industry itself should be doing more to stamp out jolly roger software.

David Finn, Associate General Counsel for Worldwide Anti-piracy at Microsoft, commented: “Consumers everywhere are coming to us with complaints about counterfeit software. They’re asking what they can do to protect themselves. They want facts. And they want industry and government to stand up and take action. Our commitment is to do everything we can to help them.”

Story link: Microsoft survey shows concern over pirated software

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