Facebook Credits gift cards now on sale in the UK

Darren Allan

November 18, 2010

Tesco and Game in the UK are to sell the virtual currency of Facebook in gift card form.

In other words, you’ll be able to drop into their shops and pick up a gift voucher present, which can then be spent by the recipient on the social networking site.

What can you buy with Facebook Credits? Bits and pieces for games and virtual gifts, basically, so a new cat in Happy Pets, or a new tractor in Farmville. Most games on Facebook have premium items which credits can be used to purchase.

The word on this comes courtesy of a report in the Telegraph. Euan Ballantyne, Head of Cards at Tesco Bank, told the newspaper: “We now offer a range of gift cards and social gaming is becoming increasingly popular, so we are pleased to offer what might be an ideal Christmas present.”


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  1. shadow says:

    Note to anyone who buys these:

    You are a muppet.

  2. Cedric Best says:

    I believe online currencies can grow into something very big. Second Life demonstrated the potential for this. IHowever I doubt facebook will be able to do this as facebook is too insecure. MyCube, the worlds first Social Exchange, will be launching soon and it will be interesting to see if this is actually secure. If it is then it might become something big

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