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November 18, 2010

Orb TV goes where Google TV cannot

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by Janet Harris

In the US, Orb Networks has launched an Internet TV Solution which allows viewers to watch TV network sites such as Hulu and ABC.com which are blocked on Google TV, Boxee and the PlayStation 3.

The difference is that the products which deliver these services utilise built-in Flash-enabled Web browsers, while Orb TV streams Web video to a living room TV via Orbcaster server software.

The downside is that this means that a PC with the software installed has to be running in order to watch Orb TV, and it doesn’t support HD video either.

Orb TV is controlled through a smartphone app and at $99 is an affordable way to transform any TV into an Internet-connected device as the sytem utilises a consumer’s existing TV, computer and smartphone.

It also provides access to Netflix movies, and can stream home videos, YouTube and photos to the TV for viewing.

“With Orb TV, people are no longer locked into watching their favorite online TV shows on a small PC or Mac computer screen,” said Joe Costello, CEO and founder, Orb Networks.

“We make it easy for consumers to enjoy popular TV shows on any TV, in any room of the house. With the smartphone, consumers no longer have to worry about losing the remote for the TV, and it has a familiar interface that consumers are accustomed to.”

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