Freeview comes to Apple’s Ipad

November 19, 2010

Avermedia Technologies has launched a digital Freeview television tuner for Apple’s Ipad, as well as a HomeFree player app, allowing iPad users to watch live Freeview broadcasts on the device via a home wireless network.

The Homefree Duet tuner, which is also compatible with Windows laptops and PCs, connects to a wireless router and digital television aerial and then acts as a hub for streaming content.

The nice thing about the device is that it utilises twin tuners allowing two different channels to be viewed at the same time.

Clive Hudson, VP sales for AVerMedia Europe said: “This solution completes the entertainment picture for the Apple iPad.

“It lets users simply switch on, start the HomeFree app, and watch TV anywhere in their home, all easily controlled from the iPad touchscreen and with no need for a separate computer.

“The HomeFree Duet delivers full broadcast-quality Freeview TV over WiFi, and gives users the flexibility of twin-tuner digital TV functions.”


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