Kids launch spud Santa spacewards

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

You may recall that last week, a trio of Brits launched a paper airplane into space by attaching it to a helium balloon.

And this week, a group of kids from a primary school in Devon concocted a similar project. According to a report in the, they launched a spud in a drinks bottle into the atmosphere using a helium weather balloon.

And not just any old Spud, but one with a white beard and a red bobble hat – a spud Santa – who was on board along with a camera, to take snaps of the Earth from way up on high.

Spudnik 2, as the craft was known (Ross from Friends would be impressed), got to the same height as the paper plane – 90,000 feet – before the balloon burst, and it floated back down to Earth on a parachute. It landed over 100 miles away in Hampshire.

The headteacher of the school told the Metro: “The kids love doing things that are unusual, so if you tell them they will be launching a potato into space you really engage their interest. It may seems like a mad idea but the children really learned a lot from the experience.”

Spud Santa is just glad to be back on pomme-de-terra-firma. Well, assuming that no one has skinned him alive, chopped him up and immersed his bodily parts in boiling hot fat for twenty minutes yet.

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