3 sends out human hotspots across the UK

Darren Allan

November 21, 2010

3 has come up with a novel idea to grab a bit of publicity, sending out so-called human wi-fi hotspots across the UK.

The network operator has conducted research which shows more folks are going online with mobile gadgets via 3G, and the human hotspots are going out to various cities to let people hook up to free mobile Internet via 3’s MiFi (which allows five devices to hook up via wi-fi).

The research showed that mobile gadgets are getting so popular, folks are using them wherever they can. 14% even admitted to using a mobile device while on the toilet, and 8% at their in-laws’ house (there may even be some crossover in those groups).

3’s survey also indicated that more gadgets are due to be bought this Christmas which will see people mobile surfing. 31% of Brits are planning on buying a device such as a tablet, handheld console or e-reader which will see them online (while taking a dump, it would seem).

Matthew Halfin, Marketing Manager for Mobile Broadband at 3, commented: “People are now using mobile internet as part of their everyday lifestyle, and we think it’s important that we’re able to support our customers by providing them with reliable and fast connectivity for wherever they want to go online.”

3’s human hotspots, dressed in weird all-in-one bright white body-suit things, will be out and about in the following cities: London (Friday November 19th), Cardiff (Friday November 26th), Bristol (Saturday November 27th), Nottingham (Saturday December 4th) and Newcastle (Saturday December 11th).


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  1. Ivan says:

    Shouldn’t that be re-titled to “3 sends out human hotspots across England and Wales!!”

  2. Anthony says:

    Ha! only 14% use their phone on the toilet… I’m sitting on the toilet reading this right now!!! There must be more..

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