Amazon UK Black Friday deals sell out in seconds

Darren Allan

Many British online shoppers have found themselves frustrated with the launch of Amazon’s Black Friday week this morning.

Black Friday week is Thanksgiving week in the US, and it’s basically a Christmas shopping starts here event involving some big discounts. This year, Amazon has decided to bring these bargains this side of the pond.

However, it seems that as the first batch of deals went live this morning – various offers will be popping up throughout the week – they were sold out straight away.

Disgruntled punters have been keeping up a continuous stream of posts complaining about the fact that it seems impossible to snag one of these mega-bargains, which are set to include 60% off games consoles, TVs and camcorders.

S. Morris said: “I clicked immediately that the offer came available and 10 secs later the sold out sign came up. What’s the point of these offers if there’s zero chance of getting them?”

A.E. Brayton wrote: “If this was a promotion to help Amazon win more customers I think it has backfired. I myself have tried twice the very second the deals showed up I pressed add to basket, only for it to show sold out….what a joke.”

On the other hand, some customers have indicated they were successful. A. Gathercole posted: “I clicked on Take That and Susan Boyle and within a second I had Susan Boyle’s album in my checkout but no take That (even though I clicked that first). Anyway got 1 album for £1…cant complain. Just be patient, you may get some deals and not others.”

The lucky Mrs S.A. Jones said: “I got boyle and perfume!” A double bonanza, indeed… If this is the complaining going on about CDs and perfume, we’d hate to think what the fuss will be like when the big electronics such as consoles and TVs go on sale.

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  1. A. Tarkovsky says:

    Very funny thread on the Black Friday forum page called “favourite threads of the day”. Has links and quotes of some of the funniest threads created by amazon shoppers throughout the day.

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