Orange and T-Mobile to offer iPad for £200

Darren Allan

November 22, 2010

News has broken this morning that Orange and T-Mobile (who are now both under the Everything Everywhere umbrella) will be offering Apple’s iPad in subsidised form.

According to Mobile News, both operators will be able to make the iPad seem like a more affordable proposition for Christmas (after it was voted one of the most wanted presents even by kids).

They’ll be selling the 16GB 3G version of the iPad for £200 on both 18 month and two year contracts. It normally retails at £529.

That price is markedly lower than the subsidised version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, the cheapest contract deal on that being £399, which isn’t much less than the sim-free cost anyway.


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  1. Nark says:

    They could give it away for free and still take you to the cleaners on the contract.

  2. Marky says:

    Interesting but where’s the ipad 2 with card expansion, USB and Flash????? As far as I can see the galaxy Tab still seems to have some features that the ipad really needs. Does today’s drop in price from apple mean that they’re about to launch the ipad 2?
    Shifting the payment to the contract with a tablet that can’t be used as a phone (ipad) seems a cynical move. £35 a month for a data contract that lasts 2 years, for a device that should use WiFi most of the time?

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