Activision won’t ever charge for Call of Duty multiplayer

Darren Allan

November 24, 2010

With rumours swirling around about steps Activision might take to better monetise its mammoth Call of Duty franchise, the CEO of Activision Publishing, Eric Hirshberg, has moved to reassure gamers about the multiplayer side of the game.

Speaking to Industry Gamers, he stated categorically that the company would never charge for the multiplayer experience, as it was part of the package gamers expect when they purchase a CoD title.

Hirshberg said: “Are we going to be charging for multiplayer? The answer is no. The experience you have out of the box, connecting with the online community to play Call of Duty is absolutely integral to the experience and we’ll never charge for that. It’s not going to be something we’ll attempt to monetize; it’s part of the package.”

That’s some pretty strong phrasing, so it would seem that Call of Duty multiplayer should be safe from any interference along these lines.


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