Turing papers fail to meet reserve at auction

Darren Allan

November 24, 2010

Alan Turing’s notes went up for auction at Christie’s yesterday, but failed to meet their reserve.

A campaign had been started to keep the papers public and on display at Bletchley Park, with Google pledging $100,000 to this cause. The fear being that if snaffled by a private collector, they might never be seen again.

According to the Register, the bid reached £240,000, although that didn’t meet the reserve. The estimated value of the notes, as we reported yesterday, was some £500,000.

This might be good news for the Bletchley campaign, however, as at least the work hasn’t been whipped off behind closed doors. And there may be a chance for them to do a deal with the vendor to keep Turing’s notes public.

Although currently they only have £20,000 plus the Google money, just over £60,000, which is still well short of the sort of dough they’ll need to cough up. However, there may be time yet to get some more high profile sponsors such as the search giant on board…


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