Virgin prepares to launch iPad magazine

Darren Allan

November 26, 2010

Earlier this week we heard about Rupert Murdoch’s plans to launch The Daily, an iPad only daily tabloid with a broadsheet tone.

And now it seems Sir Richard Branson also wants to get in on the iPad publishing market, with a magazine which apparently goes under the name Project at the moment, according to a report on the

Invitations went out to a press event which is taking place in New York next Tuesday in which the mag will be unveiled. It will be themed broadly around entertainment, culture, business and travel, which very much makes it sound like an in-flight magazine that should only be used as anaesthetic in the event of an impending crash.

Although according to the, Project definitely won’t be an in-flight mag. It just really sounds like it, and with such a diverse range of editorial coverage, it’s difficult to see exactly who it’ll appeal to. Guess we’ll find out soon enough when the launch details come rolling through.

With the iPad having sold around a million a month since launch, and analysts expecting the Apple tablet to increase in popularity next year despite rival slate launches, it’s not surprising people want to get on board.


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