First Windows Phone 7 update will be huge

Darren Allan

November 30, 2010

The first update for Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operating system is set to be a big one.

Massive, no less, according to Microsoft’s Chris Walsh on Twitter. WP Central spotted his tweet, in which he said: “I’m hearing the first #wp7 update is going to be MASSIVE!”

He then followed that up by joking: “Let’s just say, they could have called it Windows Phone 8 :P”

However, Walsh wouldn’t be drawn on giving an exact release date. It’s expected early next year, and WP Central indicates a January release, although Walsh himself clarified on Twitter: “I never mentioned January ;-)”

What can we expect in this major update? Well, copy and paste functionality will be one of the most important introductions to the OS, alongside the likelihood of multi-tasking being implemented, and goodies such as turn-by-turn navigation in Bing Maps.

Microsoft still hasn’t released any figures for how well Windows Phone 7 handsets have been performing since launch, and yesterday, some retailers were indicating a poor initial showing for the OS.


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