BBC iPlayer will go international on iPad in 2011

Darren Allan

December 2, 2010

The Beeb is all set to roll out the iPlayer on an international basis, as an app for the iPad.

BBC Worldwide will make the iPlayer available to America first, at some point next year, although it won’t be free as it is in the UK.

The iPlayer abroad will come with some form of monetisation such as a subscription fee, pay to view or download to own model; indeed, it’s likely we’ll see a mix of these models. Whatever happens, Auntie Beeb will be hoping it’ll be a money spinner, and pick up some of the fiscal slack from the frozen license fee.

According to the Register, who reported on this, depending on how well it performs in the US, the iPlayer app will possibly be spread far and wide to other countries. All this is subject to the approval of the BBC Trust, of course.

The iPlayer continues to grow impressively in terms of popularity. In October, the service received some 139 million requests for programmes across all platforms, a substantial month-on-month increase of 22%, and a year-on-year increase of 43%.


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