Microsoft unveils Xbox Live Rewards scheme

Darren Allan

December 2, 2010

Microsoft has started a new Xbox Live Rewards scheme, whereby gamers get free MS points for taking certain actions – mostly revolving around buying stuff.

For example, if you renew your rolling monthly Gold subscription, you now get 10 MS points (don’t spend them all at once, now). More impressively, a year’s sub renewal gets you 200 MS points, a song and a quarter on Rock Band. A family pack gold renewal earns 400 MS points.

There are also points awarded for activating and using Sky Player (100 MS points), taking a quick survey (20 MS points) and purchasing select Xbox Live Marketplace content (these amounts vary).

Basically, it’s all free stuff so you can’t go wrong, although those who’ve only just renewed their subscription or installed Sky Player may feel a pang of annoyance at their timing.

To sign up for the rewards program, just head on over here.


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  1. Shadow says:

    Free stuff which you need to pay for to get are by definition not FREE.

    They are however, incentives.

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