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December 2, 2010

Royal Society mulls some of science’s biggest questions

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by Darren Allan

The Royal Society has launched a new report entitled Science Sees Further to celebrate the organisation’s 350th anniversary.

In the report, it aims to describe how science will address some of the biggest questions which currently stump humankind.

President of the Royal Society, Martin Rees, wrote: “Science is an unending quest for understanding: as old questions are settled, new ones come into sharper focus. There can be no better way to celebrate the Royal Society’s 350th anniversary than to look to the future of science, built on the foundations of today’s cutting-edge research.”

So what are those weighty questions? One of the biggest is galactic related – namely, is there alien life on other planets? Reuters reports that the Royal Society also did a survey of UK citizens which showed that almost half of Britons believe aliens exist.

Other posers include: How can we stay young? How can we manage the increasing demands on our planet’s finite resources? What is consciousness? Should we try to engineer our planet’s climate to prevent global warming? How could new vaccines save the lives of millions?

66% of respondents to the survey said that the top priority for science should be disease control and curing.

We might also add a few of our own complex modern day conundrums to the Royal Society’s list. What’s the difference between “creative” accounting and fraud? Do they really employ small people to advertise sofas to make them look bigger? And finally, Kerry Katona – why?

If you want to read up more on Science Sees Further, then there’s ton of information at the Royal Society site here. You won’t find much on Kerry Katona, though, you might have to trek on over to the Iceland website for that…

Story link: Royal Society mulls some of science’s biggest questions

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  1. You could add: Why to technology sites who support privacy employ visitor tracking,

    Comment by Rupert Everslake — December 2, 2010 @ 12:05 pm

  2. @Rupert - how do you mean?

    Comment by Brian Turner — December 2, 2010 @ 5:05 pm

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