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December 3, 2010

Google to censor pirate terms on search engine

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by Darren Allan

Google is looking at ways it can better censor piracy related websites from being located on its search site.

In a blog post, Kent Walker, General Counsel for Google, notes that as the web has grown, so has the number of bad apple websites who infringe copyright.

So Google is set to introduce four measures over the “next several months” to help weed out the bad apples. One of the most important is that piracy terms will be prevented from appearing in autocomplete (not words like “avast” and “shiver me timbers”, but terms such as “warez” or “torrent”).

Google has also pledged to act on copyright takedown requests inside of 24 hours, building tools to quicken the submissions process for rights holders to notify the search company of issues. By the same token, it will also improve counter-notice tools for those who believe their web content has been wrongly squashed.

Google is also going to review its AdSense anti-piracy policies, in order to better sift through and expel pirate sites from the program (they are already banned from it). Finally, the search giant will experiment to make authorised preview content more readily accessible in search results.

Music and film industry sources have broadly praised Google for making these anti-piracy moves, but some feel the company could go further in not just removing pirate sites from autocomplete, but from the Google database entirely.

Pro-net freedom jockies are, of course, equally displeased. In reply to the blog post, one commenter asked: “Is this the end to the open internet?”

Story link: Google to censor pirate terms on search engine

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  1. How dumb. How can they filter out words like torrent when a torrent isn’t illegal. What the torrent is, might be but a torrent and p2p technology are NOT illegal.

    Comment by Steve — December 3, 2010 @ 12:09 pm

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