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December 3, 2010

Tech companies write to Vaizey advocating open Internet

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by Darren Allan

A group of technology companies and net freedom supporters have penned a letter to Ed Vaizey and the UK government in general, stressing the need to maintain net neutrality in this country.

The letter follows concerns sparked by Vaizey’s recent comments, in which he appeared to be considering abandoning the principles of net neutrality, only to do a U-turn when controversy hit and his comments were splashed all over the media.

Moves against net neutrality in America are also causing worries, and despite Vaizey’s U-turn and assurance that he is in favour of keeping an open Internet, there are still enough furrowed brows amongst big companies such as Yahoo and Skype to write a joint letter urging the government to stick to its commitment.

According to the Telegraph, the letter stated: “End-users’ choice of which applications, content, and services to view, use or run is already restricted in the UK today, especially when accessing the internet on mobile.”

“The government’s commitment to the open internet must be reflected in action on the ground to remove any such arbitrary restrictions to the open internet.”

Thus far, the government hasn’t responded to the missive.

Story link: Tech companies write to Vaizey advocating open Internet

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  1. From the telecoms. company’s and ISP’s point of view I do not think the “all you can eat”/ flat rate charging model that appeared with broadband/always on access is sustainable.

    In the days of dial-up we paid time based connection charges and I recall usage based charging at Compuserve, per GB and usage based charges on AOL if you went outside their infrastructure.

    Maybe will will get back to usage based charges and the network providers will have an incentive to invest in faster pipes?

    I would not mind paying a usage based charge if I had a guaranteed line speed and no usage traffic shaping if I happen to have used too much! However, that would be wasted, if the line speed from the content provider or host was choked at the other end.

    Comment by SEJ — December 3, 2010 @ 9:48 pm

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