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December 6, 2010

Samsung Galaxy Tab has now sold 1m units

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by Darren Allan

The sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab have outpaced the company’s target for the end of the year.

A month ago, Samsung said that it hoped to sell a million of the devices before 2010 was out. And now, according to Computer World, the company has announced that it has already shifted a million tablets, and expects to sell another 500,000 or so before the end of December.

However, it’s not clear whether these numbers are sales to the consumer, or units shipped out to retailers. Even so, it’s a quicker pace than many expected, although there’s still a huge mountain to climb in order to catch up with Apple.

Samsung is planning to follow up the original Tab with a model featuring a super-AMOLED display, and a 10 inch version to more directly rival the iPad. Meantime, Apple won’t be sitting on its hands either, readying the iPad 2 which is likely to come with an added camera (or two), and a higher res display.

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