White iPhone 4 coming in Spring 2011

Darren Allan

December 6, 2010

The saga of the white iPhone 4 has been a long running one to say the least.

The white wonder phone has been delayed no less than three times this year, and despite Stephen Fry having one, the latest release date from Apple – which we reported back in October – was spring 2011.

It seems that this has been confirmed at 9to5Mac, with a photo of in-store Apple signage which clearly states: “The white iPhone 4 will be available spring 2011.”

So there you have it – the wait is, well, not over, but it’s been reduced to just another few months. The delays have been caused by the tricky manufacturing process of getting the snowy iPhone looking just right.

However, by the time the white iPhone 4 comes out, the iPhone 5 will likely be announced shortly thereafter, rendering it potentially pointless. Then again, if you want a white iPhone 5, you could be in for yet another year’s worth of waiting…


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