Cloud shift could bolster UK economy by 30bn Euros

Darren Allan

December 7, 2010

A report from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), commissioned by data storage company EMC, has shown that the wider adoption of cloud computing could add an estimated 30 billion Euros to the UK economy in five years.

In fact, the Cebr report examined the five major economies of Europe, and predicted that almost 180 billion Euros could be generated in total across these countries via cloud technology adoption.

Germany would benefit the most, to the tune of 50 billion Euros, followed by France on 37 billion, Italy on 35 billion, then the UK on 30 billion, and finally Spain with a figure of 25 billion.

The Cebr reckons that cloud computing will be a significant driver of economic growth across Europe, helping to create new businesses and increase competitiveness.

In the study, it examined several models of the cloud. There’s the public cloud, as controlled by a cloud provider, and private cloud, controlled internally within a company – and there’s also a third model, the hybrid cloud, which is a combination of the above two.

The Cebr estimates that by 2015, 75% of the total 180 billion Euros economic benefit it predicts will be accounted for by private clouds, because this path offers the scalability, flexibility and service of the cloud, but with less potential security risks (in theory, anyway).

EMC’s EMEA president, Rainer Erlat, commented: “The agility and competitiveness engendered by private and hybrid cloud computing represents a real opportunity for European businesses – one that will help companies to grow their advantage while driving economic recovery across the country.”

“It is widely accepted that economic recovery will be achieved and sustained via a combination of driving down economic debt while encouraging commercial competitiveness. Cloud computing, which will disrupt many current IT technologies by offering more efficient, more flexible and less complex solutions, represents a real way to contribute to this.”


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