Gingerbread coming to Nexus One, but not just yet

Darren Allan

December 7, 2010

There was a considerable degree of excitement over the Nexus S being unveiled yesterday, Google’s Gingerbread carrying smartphone.

Although some sources also pointed to the fact that Gingerbread (Android 2.3) was due to roll out on the Nexus One handset imminently, which would have got plenty of owners of Google’s original smartphone excited, too.

Unfortunately, it seems as though that excitement may have been misplaced, at least according to T3, who spotted a tweet from Android developer Reto Meier.

He posted: “The Nexus One OTA isn’t happening just yet – should be coming in a few weeks.”

That puts it after the launch of the Nexus S, which is coming via Carphone Warehouse in two weeks time. And tallies with the fact that Google is saying the Nexus S will be the first handset to give its owners a taste of Gingerbread.


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