Google announces Chrome operating system plans

Darren Allan

December 8, 2010

Google has announced its plans for the Chrome operating system, designed for netbooks with a keyboard (as opposed to the Android OS, which is focused on touch devices, namely tablets and smartphones).

On the official Google blog, Linus Upson, VP Engineering, and Sundar Pichai, VP Product Management, made a joint post discussing Google’s plans for the Chrome OS.

The company notes that it now needs feedback from actual users in the field, so is launching a pilot program to get test notebooks out to developers, businesses and “qualified users”.

The test notebooks will go out initially in the US and will have no branding or logo, they’ll just be plain black computers (with a 12 inch screen, full size keyboard and touchpad) designed specifically to test the software.

The first machines running Chrome will come from Acer and Samsung, but these won’t arrive on shelves for around six months yet, or possibly longer. There are still a lot of bugs to squash with Chrome, as a Guardian report points out, over 2,000 issues currently exist.

Google wrote: “We’re excited to get Chrome notebooks into the hands of users. The data from our test pilots is key to building something wonderful. We look forward to working together to make computers better.”

However, with the slide of notebooks and netbooks against the rise of the tablet, you’ve got to wonder whether later on in 2011 is going to be rather too late…


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