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December 8, 2010

Older folks are driving UK broadband take-up

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by Darren Allan

It seems that silver surfers are a major force in driving the take-up of broadband in the UK.

That’s according to new research released by Ofcom, which shows that broadband take-up in the UK grew by 3% from 2009 overall.

However, amongst 65 to 74-year-olds it rose by far more, 9%, and over 75s saw almost as much growth with 8%.

Mind you, older folks are still having some trouble with technology. 50% of the over 75s questioned said they were having difficulty working their computer, and a third of the 65 to 74-year-old bracket admitted to similar problems.

Ofcom also revealed that the number of non-surfing consumers stating that they aren’t intending to hook up to the net in the next year has fallen from 20% last year, to 15% in 2010.

Story link: Older folks are driving UK broadband take-up

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  1. With so big a potential from the Silver Surfers why hasn’t Microsoft or any other company manufactured an Operating System targeted at this large section of the Global Community?

    I once proved almost anyone can learn to do even complicated precision ‘Desktop Publishing’ as in this test mentioned there were three women aged 50 to 55 and two women aged 80 to 82 years of age. It was an 82-year-old lady who first completed her entire publication in just 53 minutes with nil faults, a link to the tutorial for download is also there.

    You can read the full story here> http://tinyurl.com/yjcezah

    So it’s particularly interesting that recent reports state British Children are some of the dumbest in the World after so much Taxpayers Money has been foolishly misspent on bad teaching methods. Your Government wanted me to publish more yet would not employ me to do so, I was unemployed at the time.

    Signed Carl Barron Chairman of agpcuk

    Comment by Carl Barron — December 8, 2010 @ 1:11 pm

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