Custom iPhone 4 made from T-Rex tooth and meteor

Darren Allan

December 10, 2010

By now, Stuart Hughes is a name you might well recognise in conjunction with the iPhone.

He’s the Liverpudlian purveyor of pricey technological gadgets which he usually clads in gold and encrusts with liberal sprinklings of diamonds.

However, his latest trick is something a bit different. While it does come with some diamonds – an 8.5 carat flawless diamond on the bezel, and a platinum and diamond apple logo – the “History” edition of the iPhone 4 has a dinosaur, not a gem theme.

The rear of the phone is fashioned from a combination of 65 million-year-old T-Rex tooth and meteor stone. Apparently the tooth has been splintered and shaved into the meteoric stone, which was sourced from Arizona.

Only ten of these are being made, and if Ross from Friends was a real person and not a character from an old TV show, he’d definitely be buying one.

And the price? Just £40,000, a relative bargain for one of Hughes’ pieces. We’ll take two, thanks, just put it on the tab.


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