Twitter’s trendiest trends for 2010

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Last week, we heard from Google regarding Zeitgeist 2010, the most searched-for terms in various different categories on the search engine.

And now it’s the turn of micro-blogging site Twitter to release a list of the top trends that have sparked the most interest throughout 2010.

The number one trend on Twitter this year was the Gulf oil spill. That was followed by the FIFA world cup, the movie Inception, the Haiti earthquake, the vuvuzela (argh), and then the Apple iPad.

Just behind Apple in the number seven spot was Google’s OS Android, and then Justin Bieber had to feature, followed by the latest Harry Potter flick, and Pulpo Paul (otherwise known as Paul the psychic octopus – well, we knew he was going to be on the list).

While the likes of Bieber and the vuvuzela are less welcome visitors to the top ten, it’s a somewhat more highbrow list than Google’s Zeitgeist brought forth.

Twitter also broke the various trends down into topics, one of which was the top trends for technology. Unsurprisingly, given their appearance in the main top ten, the iPad was number one, and Android was number two.

Following that pair was Apple’s iOS and then iPhone, so Apple scored three out of the top four this year. Fifth was Call of Duty: Black Ops, and then the redesigned Twitter site itself. In seventh place was HTC, followed by RockMelt, the MacBook Air, and Google Instant.

Those who accused Twitter of censoring the WikiLeaks affair from trending will be interested to see that cablegate pops up at number seven in the news events top ten trends. Julian Assange is also number four in the people chart for 2010.

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