Vodafone smile competition hijacked by frowning protesters

Darren Allan

December 13, 2010

When Vodafone organised a light-hearted Twitter competition for folks to tweet what made them smile, promising free handsets as a reward to some lucky punters, the company didn’t bargain on an avalanche of #mademesmile protesters.

Having spotted the cheery Christmas promotion, UK Uncut, the anti-cuts and anti-tax avoidance campaign, seized the opportunity to inform its followers that Vodafone was running this scheme.

Why? Because Vodafone is one of the organisation’s main targets, having allegedly got out of paying £6 billion in tax owed to the HMRC. George Osborne let Vodafone off the bill, UK Uncut states, and calls this “one of the most shameless, blatant and costly examples of corporate-government cronyism in years.”

As you can imagine, the tweets which the campaign supporters were sending were quite embarrassing, and worse still, they were being posted up directly on the company’s website.

One protester tweeted (according to The Drum): “Thinking of the bewildered Vodafone execs panicking into their Blackberry’s this morning #mademesmile”

UK Uncut posted on its blog: “UK Uncut would like to thank Vodafone for all the free advertising.”


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