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December 13, 2010

WikiLeaks alternative OpenLeaks to open soon

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by Darren Allan

An alternative site to WikiLeaks is due to open its virtual doors soon, founded by the fellow who used to be second-in-command to Julian Assange.

Dominic Domscheit-Berg had a serious falling out with Assange, and left WikiLeaks when he felt the site was heading in the wrong direction.

According to a report in the Independent, Domscheit-Berg said Assange was acting like “some kind of emperor or slave trader,” and that the focus was revolving around the site and personalities, rather than the actual content of the leaks.

OpenLeaks, as the name suggests, will operate an open system and won’t decide what to leak and when. The site will simply act as a platform for sources to anonymously leak data themselves to chosen media organisations.

It will be up to those publishing organisations to verify the material, and not OpenLeaks. Although according to the BBC, OpenLeaks will offer some manner of legal advice service to publishers on how to handle more difficult material.

Whether or not this can supersede WikiLeaks – Domscheit-Berg views it not as a competitor, but the next evolutionary step in the online “leaks” program – we shall have to see.

Whatever happens, he’s far less likely to end up where Assange is at the moment; in a UK clink and facing extradition action.

Story link: WikiLeaks alternative OpenLeaks to open soon

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