Facebook announces most popular status trends

Darren Allan

December 14, 2010

We’ve had Google’s Zeitgeist list of popular search terms for 2010, and then Twitter’s trendiest trends for the year. And now it’s Facebook’s turn to announce what’s been fab in 2010.

The social networking site has produced a list of its most popular trends when it comes to status updates throughout this year.

So what was the most used term for 2010 across Facebook? An acronym you’ve quite possibly never heard of – we certainly haven’t, but then we aren’t exactly avid social networkers.

Anyway, the acronym in question is HMU, which stands for Hit Me Up. Which is American for “I’m bored, is anyone up for doing anything”, not “Please punch me in the face” as you might expect.

The second most popular phrase was the World Cup, which was also the number two trend of the year on Twitter, and the fifth fastest rising search term in the UK on Google.

Big films of 2010 were lumped together in one category at the number three spot, with the most mentioned being Toy Story 3, Twilight Eclipse and Inception.

Then the iPad and iPhone 4 were number four, not surprisingly given that Apple also featured quite extensively on Google and Twitter’s lists. The Haiti earthquake was number five, followed by Justin Bieber at number six (who was also the top celeb on Twitter and Google, Lord preserve us).

Facebook games were the number seven most talked about topic, then the Chilean miners, followed by Airplanes (as in the B.O.B song) and finally, 2011. Yes, people are keen on talking about their plans for next year, and what resolutions they’re going to break. Keep, even.


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  1. Alan says:

    why is facebook using our profiles data to come up with statistcs like this ? reading our statuses etc
    no wonder china has banned facebook, it doesnt want US companies and the US government finding out things about its citizens

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