Facebook linked to 100,000 UK crimes

Darren Allan

December 15, 2010

How many crimes do you think social networking site Facebook can be linked to in the UK?

Aside from publicising Cher and Wagner from the X-Factor as the number two and three most popular status update terms in its 2010 statistics round-up, of course.

Well, the Daily Mail has the answer, and that answer is quite surprising: Some 100,000 crimes across the UK have been linked back to the social network over the last five years.

A diverse collection of crimes are reported regarding the social website, and they include alleged terrorist activities, threats and bullying, hate crimes, sexual offences and fraud.

The newspaper obtained the figures via a Freedom of Information request, and it reckons that in 2005, only 1,400 calls to the police related to Facebook.

Of course, having spread to the massive size the social networking site has reached (half a billion members across the globe), it’s not surprising the crime numbers have gone up considerably.

A spokesperson for Facebook was keen to point out: “There is no evidence to suggest that the use of Facebook was the cause or carrier of a criminal act in any of the phone calls referenced.”

Just a couple of months ago, the introduction of Facebook Places, the location sharing service, caused further concern that burglars might be able to determine when folks are away via the information shared.

Confused.com even talked of insurers raising premiums for those who have social networking accounts in the future.


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